Onew walking his perfection in and out of your life…..

SHINee JAT 2013 rehearsal

Track Title: I Won't Give Up (ONEW)

Artist: SHINee(Onew)

Album: The 2nd Concert Album 'SHINee WORLD II In Seoul'
Q. What did the view from the stage feel like?

A. I get the thought: “The audience members, each one of them, I’m going to look at as many people as I can”. But each time, it becomes emotionally overwhelming. “So this many people came to meet us~” Even though I have the feeling that I’m touching the people in the seats of the arena since they are so close to the stage, because I think that the people at the back of the second floor are really far away, when it’s time to throw the signed balls, I throw them into the distance for all I am worth in order to reach where the second floor people are as much as possible.

—— SEEK MAGAZINE VOL. 3, Onew’s Interview: excerpt.
jpn-eng trans: renn (thisplacecalledabsence)

excuse the giant sentence at the end there.. I started translating bits and pieces of the boys’ interviews for SEEK to keep off the rust. won’t ever finish—other translators have gotten the job done already—but this part made my heart feel warm and fuzzy. “I throw [the signed balls] into the distance for all I am worth in order to reach…the second floor people.”

he’s a sweetheart. ♡

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